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We are providing Protection of Intellectual Property in the areas of businesses and digital commerce. Get a real copyright® through our simplified registration process comprising of only three steps.

Logo Design Copyrights

A custom logo design represents your brand and business to your potential customers and clients across the globe. Just like your company’s name, your logo establishes a unique presentation of your brand identity in the global market.

Web Design Copyrights

All the original work should be copyrighted from the moment of its particular creation. We deliver comprehensive documented and communicated services for website copyrights to make our clients website and intellectual property secured and copyrighted.

Video Animation Copyrights

At Global Copyright Bureau, we make sure that your video is copyrighted and protected. We provide copyrights for various videos inclusive of explainer, infographics and animation videos.

Content Writing Copyrights

At Global Copyright Bureau, we deliver comprehensive content, slogan, taglines and different branding copyrighting services for all our clients. It is essential to copyright your content to ensure its security and authority.

Why Get Copyright For Your Service?

Copyright laws enable various creators and founders to control their intellectual property as well as their multiple projects. The copyright ensures that only the originators and those granted permission can copy, perform or change the respective works.

The various brands, logos, taglines and slogans you admire and remember are all registered and copywritten to ensure complete ownership. A comprehensively registered Global Copyright Bureau gives you a presumption of ownership and a presumed right to use the brand nationwide giving you broader protection in courts. Through the Global Copyright Bureau, you can get,

  • Comprehensive Range of Copyright Services
  • Protection against Copyright Infringement
  • Registration and Protection for all Your Intellectual Property

Benefits of Copyrights Registration

Get A Copyright With Digital Time-Stamping Certified And Authorized By The Public Notary. Protect And Monitor Your Content, Website, Slogans, Logos And So Much More.

Public Record of Ownership

Registering copyrights creates a public record of copyright ownership. Ownership is often at issue in disputes over copyrights. Even if an alleged infringer does not claim to be the creator, the copyright owner has the burden to prove that it is, in fact, the valid owner of the copyrights to prevail on a claim of copyright infringement.

A Conjecture of Ownership

The courts have held that registration before, or within five years of, publication of the work establishes prima facie evidence of the validity of the copyrights and the facts stated in the registration certificate—which facts include the identity of the copyright owner.

The Ability to Enforce Copyrights

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of registering copyrights is the ability to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement. In most jurisdictions, a copyright owner cannot file a lawsuit to enforce/protect its copyrights until the U.S. Copyright Office has issued a registration.

Copyright Infringement and Protection

Copyright grants the ability to file lawsuits and copyright infringement acts for any statutory damages, layer fees and various costs associated with the filing of suits. On the other hand, it enables better security and ownership of intellectual property or digital asset in the modern world.

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Federal Copyrights Registration FAQs

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One way to understand a Copyrights is that it is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of another party. A “service” mark distinguishes the source of a service, rather than a good, but the two are typically simply referred to as a "Copyrights" or “mark.” In more general terms, getting a Copyrights protects a brand, logos, and slogans you love, know and trust have been registered with the United States Patent. Generally, the registration of a Copyrights entitles the registrant to a presumption of ownership of the brand on a national level and a presumed right to use the brand nationwide. It may help prevent someone from registering a confusingly similar mark later and may also help the registrant bring a case in federal court if someone infringes on the brand. Once registered, a registrant can typically start using the ® symbol after the name, logo or slogan. After a mark is properly registered and used for a five-year period, Copyrights can also help file a “Declaration of Incontestability.” Considered by some the greatest protection under U.S. Copyrights law, this may help prevent others from contesting a Copyrights on the following grounds: (1) the mark is not inherently distinctive; (2) it is confusingly similar to another mark that someone else began using first; or (3) the mark is simply functional as opposed to identifying the source of the goods or services.
Copyrights is not a law firm, and none of the information on this website constitutes or is intended to convey legal advice. General information about the law is not the same as advice about the application of the law in a particular factual or legal situation. Individual facts and circumstances, as well as legal principles including but not limited to the ones referenced on this website, can affect the outcome of any given situation. Copyrights cannot and does not guarantee that an application will be approved by the USPTO, that a mark will be protected from infringement under common US Copyrights law, or that any ensuing litigation or dispute will lead to a favorable outcome. If you want or have an interest in obtaining legal advice concerning a specific situation or set of circumstances, you should consult with the lawyer of your choice.
A Copyrights generally protects a word, phrase, symbol and/or design that distinguishes the source of the goods -- what we think of as brand name and brand recognition. A patent generally protects an invention, including the functionality or design, or in other words, “any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof.” . A patent typically gives the owner the exclusive right to manufacture products or employ processes covered by the patent for 20 years from the earliest priority date. Trademark, meanwhile, generally protect artistic works such as books, photographs, arts, movies, and music.
The United State Patent and Copyrights Office will not necessarily approve every name for a Copyrights . The USPTO generally describes names as “generic,” “descriptive,” “suggestive,” “arbitrary,” or “fanciful.” A Copyrights application is more likely to be registered by the USPTO the less “generic” or more “fanciful” it is. Generic names are rarely given protection. For example, a company that makes screwdrivers and tries to a Copyrights the name “The Screwdriver Company” is unlikely to be successful. Merely descriptive names are also unlikely to receive registrations from the USPTO. For instance, “The Metal Screwdriver Company” is not likely to pass muster because it merely describes a screwdriver as being made of metal.
For a typical application, be prepared to provide at least the following: The actual mark you want to use. The full legal name and address of the owner of the mark. A copy of the specimen which is an example that shows you are using the mark in commerce. This could be a picture of your product or a website advertising your service. A category of the goods or services where you are using your mark from our drop-down menu and a description of your goods or services. The date you first used the mark in commerce and the date you first shared the mark anywhere.

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